Linn Post & Pipe Supply Alleyways feature the fastest adjustment available. The single lever adjustment will allow you to go from 30″ wide down to 18″ with the pull of a lever and the ability to adjust in 2″ increments. From large cows to calves this alleyway will dramatically increase your efficiency by quickly adjusting to the width of the animals you are working. Heavy pipe frame and solid side panels sheeting keep you safe and the animals inside calm. An overhead no-back system keeps the alley full of cattle while an open space at the tip of the side panels allows you to be able to coax an animal forward. Straight Alleyway is available in 20′ or 12′ lengths.


20′ Adjustable Curved Alleyway

Curved alleys easily adjust from 30″ to 18″ with one lever and can be made to curve to the left or to the right. One no-back is included and palpation door and rear tub access doors are built into the frame.


20′ Adjustable Double Alleyways

Twin side by side alleyways make a large 5′ 6″ entrance enticing for cattle to enter and then transitions the cattle into a single alley then into the chute. A double alleyway system is the most efficient set up for loading out cattle or to keep flow of cattle consistent for the chute.


14 gauge galvannealed sheeting

2-3/8 pipe frame

HD 6 bar side panels

3’ wide x 20’ or 12’ long

7’ tall frame

Adjust from 30” down to 18”


Hooks to any LINN adjustable alleyway or tub. Can be made to sort animals at a 60 degree angle to the right or to the left.

Heavy duty slidegates offer a easy to use and reliable option to stop the flow of cattle down an alleyway in either direction. Built with heavy gauge materials to withstand abuse and continue to slide easily. Can be added to all Linn Post & Pipe Supply chutes, alleyways, and crowding tubs.