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Wrangler Portable Corral


One person can set up the Wrangler Portable Corral in about ten minutes ready to contain 150-400 head of cattle without lifting a panel. The Wrangler Portable Corral is the only corral on the market where you can move panels around the system to make different pen configurations and it will still fold up on to the frame without having to put them back in their original place.

Accessories & Features

  • Self contained power unit
  • 4 man pass gates
  • Largest capacity corral
  • Solar battery charging unit
  • No lifting (hydraulic jacks)
  • Panels made of 2” round
  • Solid rubber wheels on panels, no flats!
  • 2-bow gates for sorting
  • Built in alleyway
  • Multiple pen options
  • Gooseneck model available


Headgate Attachment
Palpation Door