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Squeeze Chutes



Work your cattle faster & safer than ever before!

Linn Post & Pipe’s Bova-Hold squeeze chute utilizes a reverse lateral squeeze motion to draw the animal back from the headgate increasing the exposed area of the animals neck.
This unique design not only gives greater access to the neck but eliminates wasted time opening and shutting neck access gates.
The strong 2-3/8″ pipe frame and quality craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from us ensures many years of reliable service.


  • Overall Dimensions: 96″x86″x44”
  • Working Dimensions: 92″x78″x30”
  • Weight: 1660 lbs.

Accessories & Features

• Lockable drop gate • Can be worked from both sides • Manual or auto headgate • Portable chute attachment • Scales • Removable sternum bar • Grooming bars • Reverse lateral squeeze • Rubber gripping strips • Width adjustment chain • Reversible branding doors • 4″ tapered squeeze • Removable foot doors • Rumber flooring • Crowd ahead bar