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Portable Tub & Alleyway Systems



The Linn Portable Tub & Alleyway Pro Sytem features a 10’ radius center exit crowding tub & 18’ adjustable alleyway with a built in utility chute. This unit uses a “speed jack” lift system that allows the operator to raise & lower the unit with the ease of a two-speed jack all from one side, drastically reducing the setup time & effort required to do it. Both the Standard & Pro Systems can be set up in minutes to work cattle and allow you a safe and efficient working system wherever you want to take it.

Accessories & Features

    The 28’ Portable Tub with an 18’ alleyway offers you a system that can be set up and ready to work cattle in minutes and safer than ever before.

    Built in palpation cage and overhead no back come standard and give the operator more options when working cattle in a portable setting.

    • 2-fold down neck access doors
    • Manual or Automatic Headgate
    • Overhead no back system
    • Heavy 14g a Sheet Metal
    • Palpation door
    • Chute side split gate
    • Side exit tub gate
    • Removable hitch
    • 2-3/8” Pipe Frame